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The Iron Boar Outdoor Patio is Nearly Finished!

Get ready to ride on over to Pigeon Forge’s Best Biker Bar for something brand new! Our outdoor patio is coming together and nearly ready to entertain all you motorcycle riders in a brand new way. Get ready for some great Spring and Summer nights at the Iron Boar Saloon!

National Park to See Views for First Time in Decades

There’s a good chance you are one of the 9 million annual visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If so, get ready to see the Park as it hasn’t been seen in decades! Beginning April 1st, the National Park Service has plans to “roll back the natural clock” and reopen 34 popular roadside vistas.

Several spots Park-goers often stop for breathtaking views and memorable pictures have become overgrown with nearby trees and shrubbery. Many visitors feel the scenic views are motivation to return to the Smokies, but some fear that many obstructed views will begin to turn people away.

The National Park Service isn’t looking to wipe out several sections of trees, but instead, be care of the environment and selective of the trees being removed. “We’ll be bringing in contract tree trimmers,” commented Park Ranger Caitlin Worth, “but basically they’ll be overlooked by landscape architects who will give them an idea of what species to trim back and which ones to leave.”

National Park spokesmen promise the tree trimming will not interfere with travel and that the process should be finished sometime in August.

To read more on this story, visit WBIR Channel 10 News or the GSMNP Official News Release.

We’re Now On Google+!

Add The Iron Boar Saloon to your Circle!

Are you on Google+?

We are! We have finally joined and are happy to have another way to stay in touch with y’all! Whether you’re riding a Harley Davidson or a Honda, we hope that you’ll c’mon by the Best Biker Bar in Pigeon Forge, TN – Iron Boar Saloon!

If you’ve got an appetite a mile long, we got a burger big enough to fill that hole in your belly! Feelin’ a bit thirsty? Pull up a chair and let us pull back on your favorite tap to serve your favorite beverage ICE COLD!
So get online and add us to your Circle! We’ll see you at the Saloon after while.

Outdoor Patio almost ready!

Hey motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts, check out our brand new outdoor patio in progress here at Iron Boar Saloon biker bar located right across the street from Harley Davidson in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Biker Bar Outdoor Patio Progress

Outdoor Patio Nearly Complete at Iron Boar Saloon

Wild’N’Crazy Summer Days!

It is hot, hot, hot outside!  
If you are looking for a place to cool down and relax after a long, hard day of having fun, step into The Iron Boar Saloon. Our ice cold beer and awesome food will have you feelin’ better in no time!
You’ll love the taste of our English-style Fish & Chips!  This cod is beer-battered and served up hot with French fries, tartar sauce, and a slice of lemon, for that extra zing.  We’ve got other great summer foods, from tacos to specialty burgers, that you will go crazy for.  Check out full menu for yourself at   See what you would like to eat here at the Boar.
Check out what great summer events are coming up at

Sunny Days Ahead!

Iron Boar Saloon - Live Hard, Ride Free
We hope you had a great 4th of July!  We sure did.  This weekend is going to be just as beautiful with high temperatures and sunny riding weather!  Whether you’re headed to The Dragon or just passing through, stop by the Iron Boar Saloon for the best eats and coldest drinks you can find!
This week, try our Brother Hood Mushroom Burger!  This fresh 100% USDA Half Pound Ground Beef patty is absolutely smothered with sautéed mushrooms and grilled onions.  It comes served with your choice of French fries or potato salad.  Savor some REAL flavor with this monster burger!
Don’t miss our live entertainment on FRI and SAT evenings!  Order one of our Teeth’ Bustin’ Ice Cold Draft Beers and Enjoy!
Check out our full menu at

Live Music – New Rain This Weekend!

The Best Biker Bar in Pigeon Forge

Come on down  to the Iron Boar Saloon for the best burgers in town, Teeth Bustin’ Ice Cold Draft beer, and some live music:   New Rain!  They will be playing from 7PM til 11PM, FRI and SAT.

This holiday weekend, try our  “Somewhere in the Gulf” Best Fish Tacos In Mexico!  These two white fish are beer-battered and fried, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, and topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, El Rancho sauce, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

No one can resist this flavor combination!

Save 10% OFF an entree when you Check-In and tag 2 friends at Facebook!
Check out the Iron Boar Saloon’s Full Menu Online!

Happy 4th of July! 

Do you love Chicken Tenders?

The Best Biker Bar in Pigeon Forge

If you do, you’ve got to try our Chicken Tender Dinner!  

The Iron Boar Saloon, while famous for its burgers, has some of the best chicken tenders in the county!  These strips of chicken breast are beer-battered and fried golden brown.  They come served with French fries and honey mustard dipping sauce.

MMMmmm.  Gotta love ‘em when they crunch!

Have one of our milkshakes to go along with it!  They cool you down fast on a hot day!
Check out our full menu at

Be King of Your Table!

The Best Biker Bar in Pigeon Forge

Dads, come to the Iron Boar Saloon where you can be the king of your own table!  See if you can work your way to the bottom of our unlimited Hot Fresh Corn chips and Fresh Salsa Fresca as you decide on your main course!

Try our awesome Beer Dog!
This baby is steamed in our own draft beer and served up hot with French fries!  Add grilled onions, chili, cheese, or pickle relish for the taste you want.  Pair this with some of our Teeth Bustin’ Ice Cold Draft beer and you’ve got the perfect meal.  When it’s hot, come in and we’ll cool you down!
Happy Father’s Day!

Check out our full menu at

Ride Baby Ride!

The Rock Hard Ride is going to be going through Pigeon Forge on the way to our famous Deals Gap, the Dragon’s Tail.  Bikers, if you’re getting hot and tired, come into The Iron Boar Saloon for the ultimate R & R!

We’ll have Teeth Bustin’ Cold Draft Beers waiting on you! 
Order one of our tasty appetizers such as our Soft Tail Deluxe BBQ Potato Skins!  These babies are loaded with our own freshly made BBQ Pork, shredded cheese, green onions, and sour cream!  But that’s not all…
Our specialty burgers are killer!  This weekend try our Big Al’s Chili Size, a 100% ground beef topped with lots of red eye chili, onions, and Monterey Jack & Cheddar cheese.  You’ll love every single bite!
Check out  our full menu at
For more info on the The Rock Hard Ride, check out

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