There’s a good chance you are one of the 9 million annual visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If so, get ready to see the Smoky Mountain National Park as it hasn’t been seen in decades! Beginning April 1st, the National Park Service has plans to “roll back the natural clock” and reopen 34 popular roadside vistas.

Several spots Park-goers often stop for breathtaking views and memorable pictures have become overgrown with nearby trees and shrubbery. Many visitors feel the scenic views are motivation to return to the Smokies, but some fear that many obstructed views will begin to turn people away.

The National Park Service isn’t looking to wipe out several sections of trees, but instead, be care of the environment and selective of the trees being removed. “We’ll be bringing in contract tree trimmers,” commented Park Ranger Caitlin Worth, “but basically they’ll be overlooked by landscape architects who will give them an idea of what species to trim back and which ones to leave.”

National Park spokesmen promise the tree trimming will not interfere with travel and that the process should be finished sometime in August.

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