Iron Boar Saloon - Live Hard, Ride Free

The Rock Hard Ride is going to be going through Pigeon Forge on the way to our famous Deals Gap, the Dragon’s Tail.  Bikers, if you’re getting hot and tired, come into The Iron Boar Saloon for the ultimate R & R!

We’ll have Teeth Bustin’ Cold Draft Beers waiting on you! 
Order one of our tasty appetizers such as our Soft Tail Deluxe BBQ Potato Skins!  These babies are loaded with our own freshly made BBQ Pork, shredded cheese, green onions, and sour cream!  But that’s not all…
Our specialty burgers are killer!  This weekend try our Big Al’s Chili Size, a 100% ground beef topped with lots of red eye chili, onions, and Monterey Jack & Cheddar cheese.  You’ll love every single bite!
Check out  our full menu at https://ironboarsaloon.com
For more info on the The Rock Hard Ride, check out http://www.rockhardride.com
Mobile Iron boar saloon