While it’s tough to beat the feeling of cruising down the Pigeon Forge Parkway on your Harley, you’ll find several local attractions to boost your adrenaline! Whether you want to ride a record breaking roller coaster, race down the side of a mountain or put the pedal to the metal on the fastest go karts in town, you can do it all just minutes away from our restaurant and bar! Here are the top 4 Pigeon Forge attractions to experience when you have the need for speed:

1. Lightning Rod at Dollywood

Lightning Rod While Dollywood is home to some of the most incredible thrill rides on the planet, nothing can prepare you for a ride on the Lightning Rod! This jaw dropping roller coaster features a unique hybrid track structure, which includes both a wood stack “Topper Track” and a steel “Ibox” track atop a massive wooden frame! This allows the coaster trains, which are themed to 1950s era hot rods, to perform some stunning maneuvers that include more than 20 seconds of airtime! Hold on tight as the action starts right away with a launch from zero to 45 miles per hour, sending you more than 20 stories up the first lift hill!

2. High Speed Go Karts at the Xtreme Racing Center

Another one of the top Pigeon Forge attractions that you need to experience when you have the need for speed is the Xtreme Racing Center! This amusement facility features the fastest go karts in town, as well as a trio of thrilling tracks to race around! The XTreme Track offers 3,500 linear feet of winding turns and narrow straightaways, while the Reverse Track features the same track but in the opposite direction! You’ll also want to race your family and friends on the Elevated Track, a 1,500 foot track that is elevated off the ground for extra fun!

3. Rockin’ Raceway Arcade

Rockin Raceway ArcadeStep into the driver’s seat of a NASCAR race at the Rockin’ Raceway Arcade, where you can experience virtual driving games and all kinds of other exciting arcade action! See if you have what it takes to beat your friends to the finish line and get your name on the high score board! There is no need to fool around with coins because the Rockin’ Raceway Arcade features convenient Play Cards, which you can load up with credit and insert into the machines! Bring the kids along for the fun too as there are plenty of redemption games where they can win big prizes!

4. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is not the traditional type of roller coaster you would find in an amusement park, but rather a mountainside thrill ride where you control the speed of your cart! The attraction features sleds that are securely attached to a metal track, and each sled can accommodate up to two riders. There is a simple braking mechanism to control the speed, so pull the brake back to slow down or push it forward to hit top speed! The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster offers 9 full minutes of fun, including 4 scenic uphill climbs and 4 themed tunnels!

After checking out these action packed Pigeon Forge attractions, unwind and treat yourself to a brew at the best biker bar in Pigeon Forge! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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