While it’s nearly impossible to top the thrills of riding a motorcycle along the Tail of the Dragon and other iconic routes in the Smokies, you’ll find several thrill rides in Pigeon Forge that are sure to get your heart racing! Whether dropping to the ground from hundreds of feet in the air or soaring through the sky like an eagle, there is no better place than the Smokies for adrenaline junkies! Here are the top 4 extreme thrill rides in Pigeon Forge that will take your breath away:

1. Mountain Monster at the Mountain Mile

mountain monster thrill rides in pigeon forge The Mountain Monster at Mountain Mile is a one-of-a-kind tower structure that actually features three rides in one! The Monster Drop is a 200-foot-tall drop ride where you’ll feel totally exposed, as it has only a lap belt and nothing to hold onto! Meanwhile, while riding the Monster Launch, you’ll sit back-to-back on a saddle-like seat with a partner and get launched up 170 feet with a blast of compressed air! The premier attraction is the Monster Swing, where you’ll take a two-seat elevator to the top of the tower and wait for the platform to open. At that point, you’re tilted down, facing the ground 200 feet below, and released into a jaw-dropping freefall!

2. Drop Line at Dollywood

While Dollywood is well known for its impressive lineup of roller coasters, there is one attraction in the park that is even more intimidating! The Drop Line at Dollywood is a 200-foot-tall freefall tower that lifts you 20 stories above the park’s Timber Canyon section, and the ride’s gondola slowly spins around the tower as it ascends. During this slow upward journey, you’ll have the chance to soak in some phenomenal views of the Great Smoky Mountains! However, don’t get too comfortable with this vantage point high off the ground because the Drop Line sends you plummeting back to the ground in an incredible rush of excitement!

3. Dance Party 360 at The Island in Pigeon Forge

the island in pigeon forgeAnother one of the top extreme rides in Pigeon Forge that will take your breath away is the Dance Party 360 at The Island! This giant spinning pendulum ride is not for the faint of heart, as it sends you swinging back and forth until you’re literally head over heels! You’ll spin upside down several times before it’s all over, providing one of the most unique thrills in the Smokies! After riding the Dance Party 360 during the daylight hours, be sure to come back in the evening to experience the ride’s impressive light package!

4. Skyflyer at the Track

The Skyflyer at the Track allows you to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving while being secured in the safety of a harnessed suit! You can choose to ride solo or grab a couple of brave friends to ride with you, as the attraction allows up to 3 riders at once! After being secured into your harness, you’ll be slowly pulled up 75 feet while lying on your stomach and looking straight down at the ground. When you’re ready to fly, simply pull the ripcord to soar through the sky like your favorite superhero!

After experiencing the unbelievable sensation of these extreme thrill rides in Pigeon Forge, you’ll definitely be ready to unwind with a drink! Therefore, check out the full menu at our Pigeon Forge bar to see all of the tempting brews and chews that we have to offer!

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