Our Pigeon Forge bar isn’t simply a place to grab a quick drink, but an exciting destination for motorcycle riders and anyone else who loves the energy of an authentic biker bar! This is a chance to socialize with your fellow riders, enjoy your favorite brew on tap and grab a delicious bite to satisfy your appetite! So take a break from your ride and plan to spend some time having a blast with gearheads just like you! Here are 4 fun things to do while hanging out at our Pigeon Forge bar:

1. Meet the Friendly Locals

Since our Pigeon Forge restaurant is the only biker bar in town, you’ll find that many local riders like to spend time hanging out and having a brew! Whether you’re on vacation in the Smokies or just passing through, this is an awesome opportunity to chat with some of the friendly locals! Since our regular patrons are familiar with the area, they often have some great advice on the best local roads to explore as well as some hidden gems that aren’t even on the map! Don’t be surprised if you meet a new friend or two, as you’ll find plenty of comradery among our guests!

2. Grab a Cue Stick for Our Pool Table

pool table What’s a biker bar without a pool table? If you love to play billiards, grab a drink from the bar and head over to our pool table for a challenging game with your buddies! You can even organize a tournament where the winner gets free drinks for the rest of the evening, courtesy of your friends! If you are visiting our Pigeon Forge bar on game day, you can catch the latest action on our flat screen televisions between turns! Watching sports, shooting pool and hanging out with your fellow bikers, is there a more perfect day?

3. Sample a Unique Brew

While our bar has many of the most popular beers on tap, discover something new with our Iron Boar lager! This is a local favorite that has been brewed with motorcycle riders in mind, so try a pint to discover this unique taste! Some of our other brews on tap include Yuengling, Blue Moon, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra. If you prefer an ice cold bottle of beer, we have over 20 options available on our bar menu such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Landshark, Angry Orchard, Estrella Jalisco and Modelo Especial!

4. Enjoy a Delicious Appetizer or Meal

trays of burgers and fries at Iron Boar SaloonWe know how quickly hunger can strike during a day of riding, so you’ll love the tempting food menu at our biker bar! Satisfy your appetite immediately with our Poker Run Pretzel, a German style pretzel that you’ll definitely want to dip in the chile con queso! Some of our other mouthwatering appetizers include the Four Stroke Buffalo Wings, Wide Glide Chicken Tenders and Loaded-Up Sidewinder Fries. Craving a bit more? Try our American Classic Burger that is served with fries, or go for a Nathan’s all beef dog!

Now that you know about the fun things to do while hanging out at our Pigeon Forge bar, check out our full menu of brews and chews to get excited about your visit! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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