After you and your biker buddies come visit us at Iron Boar Saloon, there are plenty of places around town to put some miles on your Harley Davidson. Between the Parkway and some scenic drives throughout the Smokies, your bike will get plenty of use. Here are 4 of the best places to ride your motorcycle in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Tail of the Dragon

Tail of the DragonWith a total of 318 curves in an 11-mile stretch, the Tail of the Dragon has become known as the supreme place to ride motorcycles. One of the biggest advantages of taking this challenge is that there are no intersecting roadways or driveways. This means you can ride the full 11 miles without having to stop at pesky red lights or stop signs. Because of the curvy geography, it is not recommended to drive the road at night, meaning it’s the perfect thing to do before heading back for dinner at our Pigeon Forge restaurant.

2. Cades Cove

One of the most popular scenic drives in the Smoky Mountains is the Cades Cove Loop Road. A crazy fact is that it is also right at 11 miles long! If you love taking in the beauty of the Smokies and want to see some wildlife, Cades Cove is the place for you! Along the one way loop, there is a good chance you will come across some animals that call the area home, including turkeys, white-tailed deer, coyotes, and black bears! This is also a drive you want to take in the daylight hours because it will be easier for you to spot the wildlife roaming in the grass.

3. Newfound Gap Road

Newfound GapIf you want to experience everything the Smokies has to offer in one incredible drive, Newfound Gap Road is the trip for you! Throughout the trek, you will ascend in elevation by over 3,000 feet. One of the craziest things about this is that you will notice a temperature difference of up to 10 degrees from the place you begin to the peak of the ascension. This is also a fascinating drive because you will pass through many types of forest ecosystems, including hardwood, pine oak, and evergreen spruce. If you enjoy nature, you will definitely want to add this scenic drive to your list of things to do while you are in town!

4. Foothills Parkway

Not only does the Foothills Parkway have some incredible views of the mountains, it also connects you back to Pigeon Forge! The parkway consists of 33 miles and connects US 129 and US 321. If you decide to take on the Tail of the Dragon, you can use the Foothills Parkway to get back to Pigeon Forge. This is an easy shortcut to take if you plan on having dinner at our restaurant. There are also plenty of pull offs along the parkway where you can capture some amazing pictures of the Smokies, so be sure to pack your camera.

After a busy day of riding your motorcycle in the Smoky Mountains, you are bound to work up an appetite. Our biker bar in Pigeon Forge has all the delicious food and cold beer you need to enjoy an afternoon with friends! Check out our food and drink menu now to start planning your trip! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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