Iron Boar Saloon in Pigeon Forge
The Goldwing Roadriders Association Rally & Show will be invading Sevier County this weekend!  
It’s going to be a hot and fast weekend because the Spring Grand Rod Run is here too! 
We’ll be rocking out the nights here at The Iron Boar Saloon!  This FRI and SAT night, The Harmony Sisters will come to you live from 7 to 11 pm!  Bring your friends and we’ll bring the best Mexican food in Sevier County and some of the coldest $2 draft beer!
This weekend try our Biker Kirby’s Ranchero a flat top grilled burger on grilled sourdough bread,  topped with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, flat top grilled onions, and our own roadhouse BBQ sauce.    
Try one of our specialty burgers and you’ll understand why they can’t make burgers better than ours!
To view ALL of our choices, check out our menu at https://ironboarsaloon.com.
Mobile Iron boar saloon